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Luxury / High End

Crystal Light Art offers two art installation lines:


Luxury und High End



While the Luxury line uses standard frame sizes in precious metals and crystals in first-class quality, the High End line goes one step further: It sets no limits to art installation: first-class materials (optionally carbon) in any shape and size, finishing with gold, platinum and other exclusive materials, the use of Swarovski crystals and the installation of sophisticated lighting technology are some of the distinguishing features of the two lines. With both lines, the person decides on their favorite motif: whether their own portrait, their favorite animal or the work of a famous artist, there are no limits to personal realization.

Crystal Light Art makes every favorite motif in your own four walls sparkle and shine.


The prices of the Luxury line start at 2.900€, those of the High End line vary according to the customer's wishes.

Example (ca. 15.000 crystals)




Luxury and High End differ in the following aspects:

Luxury_High End.jpg

Size comparison

The Luxury line offers the following standard frame sizes and shapes.

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